Thousands protest as IMF meets

On the 20th of April, the IMF met as thousands protested against the agenda of the Big Banks and the IMF.

Video-Thousands march and rally as the IMF meets on 4-20
Video:Breakaway march skirmishes with police, heckles IMF delegates for second day

Three-headed dragon in the big march organized by NNU

Three-headed dragon in the big march organized by NNU

Large Ethiopian rally across from the IMF

Large Ethiopian rally across from the IMF

The King of the Bankers rides in a chariot pulled by enslaved nations

The King of the Bankers rides in a chariot pulled by enslaved nations

Directly across from the meetings was hundreds, maybe 1,000 Ethiopians protesting IMF funding of human rights abuses in their country. Another large march issued from Farragut Square, demanding a “Robin Hood” tax on Wall Street. A third contingent with a 3-headed dragon and a chariot pulled by “slaves” marched on the IMF and charged a checkpoint, sparking a skirmish with the cops.

The largest march,well over 1,000 people was National Nurses United backed by other labor groups. Originally their march to the Treasury was to orginate in Murrow Park and pass the IMF, but police used Boston as an excuse to “ask” that they stay away from the IMF meeting and for some reason they accepted that demand.

As a result, what was intended as an anarchist/occupy/deep ecology contingent in their march became a breakaway, leaving their march as it ended by the US Treasury and heading to the IMF. As most of the union folks had to board their buses there, they were unable to follow the breakaway.

The breakaway had two main subcontingents. One was a “chariot” bearing a pig-faced king pulled by jail-striped “slaves” each named after a nation exploited by the IMG, World Bank, and G20. The other was a three-headed dragon, one head for the IMF, one for the World Bank, and one for the G20.

As the march returned to the checkpoint where delegates were heckled the previous day, the chariot charged directly at the checkpoint gate, cops were barely able to push it back. Five to ten minutes later police counterattacked to push protesters further back from the gate, but with inconclusive results.

As the skirmishing ended, protesters heckled delegates to the IMF meeting, making them once again run the gauntlet of protesters. This was followed by a march around the IMF and World Bank before marching to Lafayette Park, the original stopping point of National Nurses United’s march.


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One Response to Thousands protest as IMF meets

  1. Not says:

    I was there. The 3 headed dragon and the chariot was local activists who were abandoned by the nnu after being asked by the police not to go to the imf or world bank. The local activists went ahead without nnu, and still made more than enough pictures for your website. No arrests were made. NNU should be ashamed of itself for abandoning these brave local activists.

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