IMF/World Bank/G20 protesters try to storm Mayflower, then heckle delegates and block streets

On the 19th of April, the first round of protests against the three-headed dragon of the IMF, World Bank, and G20 set out in late afternoon storms.

Video of Fri afternoon IMF/WB/G20 actions at the Mayflower and the checkpoints

Video of rent-a-cop trying to order photographers to turn off cameras near IMF protests his orders were defied




A failed attempt to storm the Mayflower Hotel was followed by a march to the checkpoints where delegates were leaving the IMF building.

There were actually TWO rounds of delegate heckling at the checkpoints. When the arrival of heavy thunderstorms drove some of the protesters back towards Murrow Park, others stayed on target. This caused more of the protesters who had withdrawn to return, causing additional delegates to have to run the guantlet of protesters in order to leave.

Afterwards, protesters marched through the streets and blocked traffic, finding a lot of delegates on the road possibly due to storms delaying their exit from the meetings.


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