Lakota Grandmothers speak at MCC against ongoing genocide

On the 16th of April, The Lakota Truth Tour featuring Lakota grandmothers and several supporting members of the tribe spoke at the MCC church on Ridge St about the ongoing and continuing genocide against their people.

Video: Panelists answer comparison of brutal conditions on Pine Ridge to North Korea


They first showed the DVD “Red Cry” recounting horrific takes of sexual abuse of women, children taken away to boarding schools, and malnutrition caused by outright theft of already scarce food meant for elders who have few other options. “Cold” food kept warm, sausage turned green-and THIS is what the US expects the Lakota people to eat? The movie also recounted the radioactive pollution of Lakota lands by all the uranium that has been mined there. If the Lakota and Navajo lands are deemed “national sacrifice zones” for nuclear power and weapons, that makes both the Lakota and the Navajo “national sacrifice PEOPLE” at the nuclear altar!

After the DVD, the grandmothers and their supporters on the panel took questions from the audience. They then effectively asked the audience: What are you going to do about it? Finally, everyone in the room was invited to participate in a Round Dance, to a most incredible drum.

The conditions described on Pine Ridge, in terms of both the physical abuse many are subjected to and the lingering malnutrition reminded me of Washington Post stories about North Korea. How can the US complain about how North Korea treats its people when the US does the exact same things to the Lakota and so many other Native people?


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