Tar Sands Protesters enter , shut down TD Bank for 3ed time in 5 days

On the morning of March 23, protesters from Climate First! opposing the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline once again entered the branch at 15th and P streets. This is the same branch of “Tar Dollar Bank” that got the early AM lockdown on March 19th.

Video of the March 23ed TD Bank actions carried out by Climate First!




Despite police knowing protesters were in town, and even bank guards outside the Bank of America by Dupont Circle, this protest seemed to catch TD Bank unprepared. Activists were able to march into the outer lobby completely unopposed.

Eventually cops managed to get everyone back out, and activists used yellow “caution” tape to surround the bank branch. This plus the cops prevented most customers from even approaching the bank, which soon emptied out.

When protesters were done at this branch, most of them marched to a second branch of TD Bank on Connecticut Ave north of Dupont Circle. This time cops prevented anyone from getting inside, but once again the yellow tape went up, and once again the bank emptied out with only two or three customers entering to replace those who left.

The Keystone XL would allow a massive expansion of the existing tar sands mining in Alberta, Canada. The existing mines are poisoning rivers and have caused an epidemic of birth defects and cancer among First Nations people in at least 15 tribes near the mine. Burning all of that tar would also mean “game over” for the climate according to a scientist who used to work at either NASA or NOAA (I forget which).

TD Bank owns about $650M worth of shares of TransCanada as well as being the largest commercial lender for the Keystone XL pipeline.
If pro-Earth and pro Native American activists can force TD Bank to dump TransCanada, the whole project could go belly up for lack of funding.

TransCanada has so far issued a defiant press release reminescent of the one POM Wonderful released before they were forced to stop testing on animals. These are the kind of statements that enemies of Earth, the animals who live here, and people other than themselves tend to release shortly before they have to eat those words-they tell activists where to push the hardest!

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