Solidarity march for Greek antifascists visits Greek, German Embassies, then IMF

On the 16th of March, Activists from Greece visited DC on their multi-city tour. The IWW, supported by Positive FOrce, Cheaspeake Earth First! and the Anarchist Alliance-DC network staged a solidarity march out of Dupont Circle.

Video of the march and confrontation at the IFC




The march went to the Greek Embassy first, demanding an end to police cooperation and state funding for the Golden Dawn neofascist party. The Golden Dawn is a violent fascist organization that managed to win seata in Parliament and thus state funding due to the economic chaos created by austerity, Other demands were an end to the austerity programs themselves, and instead standing up to demands from the IMF and German bankers. These are the demands heard constantly in the Greek street, as striking workers and anarchists alike duke it out with riot cops.

The next target of the march was the German Embassy, where a representative picked up another letter bearing demands after it was slipped through the door. The austerity against Greece was compared to the Treaty of Versailles, the crushing economic sanctions against Germany after WWI that put Hitler in power. Of all people the Germans should know better than to repeat that example!

The final target was the IMF, architect of the austerity program that has crippled the Greek economy and opened the door for fascists like Golden Dawn. First, however, came a surprise: the march charged the doors of the IFC or International Finance Corporation, an arm of the World Bank. The outer doors were not secured, the vestibule was packed with protesters, and the inner door was pulled open as well before most of the activists decided not to push further inside.

Next was the IMF itself, where everyone demanded an end to austerity programs. Here an opportunity to storm the building nearly presented itself as one of the IMF’s own people entered the building, but hurredly shut and locked the door as activists charged at the handle.

As this is being written a program of workshops on the history of Greek facists and opposition to them as well as labor history and solidarity with current strikes is underway at St Stephens.


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