Park Police lock Malcolm X Park toilets after potty cams outed

On the 3ed of march, video footage was published revealing that the National Park Service had installed “security” cameras observing the fancy new restrooms in Malcolm X Park. The next evening, they were found locked up-and as of daytime on March 13th are still locked up.

Video update-restroom gates now chained shut


It looks like the US Park Police or someone in the National Park Service is so determined to prevent anyone from using a toilet off-camera that they would rather chain the gates to the toliets shut than remove the cameras. The cameras are still present.

This reminds me of an experiment by the Montgomery County parks with removing trash cans to save money. They begged park users to pack out their trash, which is a lot easier asking people to hold their bladders, etc. It didn’t work, the amount of litter left in the parks soared, and they were forced to bring the trash cans back, Given how quickly someone could toss a candy wrapper, no amount of patrolling could have offered an alternative solution.


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