Potticams found at Malcolm X Park toilets

The fancy new restrooms at Malcolm X Park include a disgusting surprise: “security” cameras potentially peeking in through strategically positioned windows in the doors.

Video explanation of exact camera position




The camera domes are lightly frosted in the area facing the toilet, but the frosted layer is too weak to prevent my own camera from getting an image of a support ring inside the housing.

The cameras, one at each restroom door, are reported by another observer to be “Sensormatic brand = 360 pan and zoom, confirmed.” The position of the windows in the door allows the cameras to see a person seated on the toilet.

I checked the sightline, and found that the exact position of the window and the camera at the north restroom of the two in the building allows a viewer from the toilet to see the camera until lowering their own head or camera to about belly button level. Surely this is no accident, implying the cameras were sited in such a way as to allow cameras that can pan towards the toilets to be used.

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