Carlyle Group gets office building disruption in solidarity with Idle No More

On the 28th of January, Chesapeake Earth First and DC Rising Tide invaded and “mic-checked” 1001 Penn Ave, home of the Carslyle Group. This action was carried out as a solidarity action in support of Idle No More, which declared Jan 28 to be a global day of action.

Video of the action



This protest seemed to catch building security by surprise. Deeming themselves unable to remove the protesters, they called the cops, who took about 5 minutes to show up. A lot can happen in 5 minutes! Even after the cops showed up, the protest continued until cops implied that protesters could either leave under their own power or face arrest for “trespassing.”

To Idle No More and to the residents of the North Dakota trailers where Bakken Oil is tearing out doors and windows, it is Bakken that is trespassing on Native Land. Carsysle Group’s office is also trespassing on Native land simply by it’s existance anywhere on Turtle Island!

Carslyle Group is a top investor in Bakken Oil. In North Dakota, Bakken Oil is evicting Native American people from their trailers and homes to make space for more workers for their North Dakota shale oil mining project.

Bakken Oil is directly displacing Native residents of North Dakota by taking their homes, and then displacing more residents with the usual pollution and destruction from the shale oil mines themselves. Like in tar sands mining, the land is permanently destroyed.

Shale oil is usually processed by mining rock and then cooking out the oil, It differs from tar sands mining mostly in the chemical nature of the oil produced. Other than that, it is a similar process and like tar sands mining requires a huge amount of energy input relative to that contained in the recovered oil.

The oil is generated from kerogen, a compound that didn’t make it all the way to oil, at temeratures from 480C-530C. Energy cost for energy recovered has been in ranges from 2-1 to as high as 16 units of energy in to one recovered when all energy inputs are considered, even worse than tar sands!


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