Pro-Choice groups condemn growing restrictions on women at Supreme Court rally

Jan 22, 2013 was the 40th anniversary of Roe vs Wade. NOW and other womens rights groups staged an evening rally to commemorate this historic victory and condemn the growing restrictions on both birth control and abortion that have been spewing from the GOP in the past few years.

Video of speakers at Supreme Court


A special problem is the number of GOP dominated states like both North and South Dakota that have only one abortion clinic, and where clinic operators face all-out attempts to regulate them to death.

Bills requiring fetal ultrasounds, etc are designed to force women to travel twice instead of once, makign abortion nearly twice as difficult in such states. Bills such as the Virginia laws requiring specified corridor widths, etc have exactly one propose: to require costly reconstruction the clinics can’t afford, thus forcing their closure.

Other speakers emphasized that Roe only guaranteed abortion access for the middle class. The rich already had it with jet travel to places it was already legal, as it always is somewhere. The poor still do not have access to abortion if they cannot get the money. The GOP and antiabortion groups are now doing everything they can to replicate this situation with birth control. The obvious example is the attempt to permit any employer to claim a religious objection to birth control, then remove contraception coverage from the only healthcare coverage they offer their employees.


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