CCNV residents, SHARC march on Mayor over homeless budget

At the same time that Jack Evan has been ducking his promise to meet with DC area activists who went to his home on Halloween over shelter, Mayor Gray is ducking a meeting with CCNV residents.

Video(warning:Youtube) Eric Sheptock’s video invitation to Chris Murphy to meet on Nov 28
Video(warning:Youtube) Mayors staffers claim THREE MONTHS “needed” to set meeting with Mayor Gray
Video Marchers vow to “Bum Rush City Hall”
Audio Audio coverage broadcast same-day by WSQT Radio

On the 26th of November, SHARC (Shelter, Housing, Respect and Change) and CCNV residents marched on City Hall. That morning, the mayor’s Chief of staff (Chris Murphy) sent an insulting email to Eric Sheptock of SHARC, threatening to cancel an already-arrangerd meeting between shelter residents and the Mayor. This was in response to a link to this blog concerning the Mayor’s priorities for using a budget surplus, contained in a polite email to the Mayor’s office from Eric Sheptock. That blog post has now been taken down, Eric Sheptock has printed copies.

Marchers were furious about the insults from the Mayor’s chief of staff, and both signs and chants on the march vowed to “Bum Rush City Hall.”

UPDATE: When SHARC (Shelter, Housing Respect and Change) members went to the Mayor’s office, they were told it would be THREE MONTHS to set up a meeting with the Mayor, and Chris Murphy did in fact call off the previously arranged meeting with SHARC. According to Eric Sheptock, the gloves will now come off, no more Mr Nice Guy!

SHARC warned Chris Murphy Video(warning:Youtube) in another video to either reinstate the previously planned Wednesday, Nov 27 meeting or face a furious media campaign about the broken promises and withdrawn meetings.


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