Fake anarchist Facebook group attacks Anarchist Alliance DC Network

The Anarchist Alliance DC Network has discovered that liberals and Democratic Party activists have created a counterfeit Facebook group under the name “Anarchist Allegiance DC,” and have stolen a list of contacts from the Anarchist Alliance DC Network. This attack was discovered on 11-17-2012.

A section of the fake Anarchist Facebook page

Closeup, same section

Can someone delete me from this or tell me how to?

Are there really any Anarchists in the group? (only the ones whose contacts were in the list stolen by the founders)

This Facebook group has sent invitations to anarchists all over the East Coast, trying to confuse activists familiar with the Anarchist Alliance DC Network. They use the very similar Anarchist Allegiance DC name, in an obvious effort to discredit, confuse and misdirect activists. The invites went out to a group of people exactly matching a contacts list held by the Anarchist Alliance, implying that either Facebook turned that list over to the Democrats or the Democrats managed to break into the account,

All protest alerts sent by this group or posted on Facebook should be considered false, possibly with wrong times or places! All links posted or sent should be considered malicious unless you know the site linked to and regard that site as able to vouch for their information.

My personal suspicion is that at first the posted information will be accurate, in an effort to build up their influence and become a “go-to” source of information. That, at an important time like protests at the inauguration or at the IMF/World Bank protests in April, false times or places will be posted.

The fake website is on Facebook at


The REAL Anarchist Alliance-DC Network Facebook page is at


Neither page can be seen by a non-facebook user as they are both behind login walls.

The fake Facebook group is the most blatent attempt by the Democrats or their flunkies to interfere with anarchist organizing in DC since the failed “feminist peace bloc” attempt to sabotage that October Rebellion in Fall 2007. That was an effort to misdirect a 500 person march on Georgetown against the IMF, a march with shields up front. The “feminist peace bloc” tried to divert the march away from Georgetown,but was defeated. Now the Democrats are trying again, and I suspect that issue-oriented protests at the Inauguration are the target of this attack.

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