Pro-Palestine protesters confront pro-Israel protesters at White House

On the 15th of November, Israel was raining over 100 airstrikes on Gaza, killing at least 11 and wounding 116 or more. Gazans shot back with rockets, killing 4 Israelis with a single direct hit to a building. That evening, protesters from both sides faced off outside the White House while civilians back home filled the air raid shelters.

Nov 15 Video featuring the separation fence jump

UPDATE Nov 16:Video of second night in a a row of pro-Palestinian protests at the White House. Featuring a speaker who has been to Gaza when a shipment of wheelchairs for Cast Lead’s amputees was turned away by Israel.

Some of the pro-Palestine activists assembled at the Department of State for a planned march to the White House. Word arrived that a large crowd was already at the White House, and the protesters at State set out immediately for the White House before any march could be set in order.

They arrived to find swirling chaos, and police using fences to separate the two sides. One pro-Palestine protester jumped the “separation fence” but was not arrested. Possibly the police did not want to spark a major battle.

The Israelis danced and showed their flag, while Palestinians and supporters chanted “while you dance, children die,” and “Murder isn’t Kosher.”

Eventually the Israelis marched out and left, while some of the cops set up a blocking position to deter pursuit. No serious effort to pursue was launched, but the crowd could have flanked the cops or just charged through if they had wanted.


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