Code Pink stages noisy antiwar wakeup for Obama

On the 14th of November starting shortly after 9AM, Code Pink staged a noisy antiwar “wakeup call” for Obama with amplified sound and people banging pots and pans. This event was on the 10th anniversary of the beginning of Code Pink.

Video of the pot and pan protest

Code Pink takes their name from the color-coded “terror alerts” of the Bush Administration. What could have just been a sarcastic call for a “hot pink alert” morphed into a 4 month occuption with tents near the White House. Code Pink played a big role in holding Congress’ feet to the fire during the long 2007 debate in which funding for the war in Iraq hung in the balance. I still remember whining letters in the Washington Post that pro-war troops were losing morale for fear Congress would cut off their ammo supply. These letters “blamed” Code Pink for the long, drawn out debate.

Some credit antiwar groups with helping put Obama in office in 2008, and one message Code Pink has been sending is that it’s time for Obama to pay his campaign debts. This means his campaign debt to antiwar and environmental activists, not the CEOs and Wall Street bankers with their bribes!
At the November 14 pot and pan banging rally, Code Pink announced plans for protests during the Jan 20, 2013 second term Inauguration of Obama and on jan 21 as well.

Before there was Occupy, there was Code Pink. Before there was Code Pink, there was (and is) the Proposition 1 antinuclear vigil. There is a long history of protesters pitching tents in DC, going back at least to the Bonus Marchers during Great Depression I in the 1930’s.


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