Occupy Night March condemns Obama and Romney, blocks 7th and H

On the evening of October 5, another Occupy DC/Anarchist Alliance-DC Network march issued forth from McPherson Square, explicitly condemning all the politicians running for office as corporate controlled.

Video of the march

The main chant was “right wing, left wing, cut that chatter, corporations own the government your vote doesn’t matter!” The lead banner protrayed a ballot box as a toilet tank.

Well, you can’t vote against Goldman-Sachs, they’re on both tickets. You can’t vote to close GITMO or pull out of Afghanistan. You can vote to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, but how do we know Obama won’t approve the damned thing the day after the election, the way MD Governor Martin o’Malley waited until after he was elected to endorse the ICC highway?

After marching to both the White House and Congress, part of the march went to the Chinatown shopping district and blockaded the intersection of 7th and H sts until too many cops showed up, then marched West on H st and down to Freedon Plaza.

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