Micah Turner publicly defects from US Army at Freedom Plaza

Micah Turner announced on October 6, 2012 at an Occupy DC rally on Freedom Plaza trhat he has defected from the US Army, having been AWOL for weeks. After giving a 25 minute interview, he immediatly left the area, well ahead of any reaction team.

25 min recorded Ustream Video: Micah Turner’s announcement
Video: clips from the interview intercut with all of the video from Micah’s “Titans Rise” video CD

Micah bids his family goodbye

Micah announces his defection from the US Army

I doubt that the DC police would enforce military law, but a pretext arrest for anything ELSE would be dangerous. If MPs show up at Freedom Plaza, they will be late by many hours.

After Micah left the area, a rumored march did not take place, but many Occupiers remained on Freedom Plaza.

Micah is turning his back on the wars of both George W Bush and Barrack Obama, at considerable risk to himself. After this 25 minute interview he was very quick to exit the area, and a previously discussed march did not take place.

Micah is asking that people NOT vote for any candidate running for office, as they are all owned by the same corporations.


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