Occupy DC storms offices of Cargill and JBG

On the first of October, in morning rush hour, Occupy DC marked their first anniversary by marching through traffic and visiting lobbyists and other corporate targets.

Video of stormings of Cargill and JBG

The two-party system: Flushing people’s opinions down the toilet

CHARGE! Occupy charges at Cargill, gets ahead of the cops

Occupy DC storms Cargill’s building

The swirling chaos inside JBG’s building. This developer is responsible for a shockingly high percentage of condo and other upscale housing that displaces the poor in DC. One project of their in VA may displace 800 families!

Occupy and Anonymous draw a red line against debt and exploitation

At the offices of Cargill (GMOs and slave trading) and at JBG(development and genterification), Occupiers got ahead of the cops and stormed the buildings. This led to the usual pushing and shoving as cops and security desperately tried to push the far greater number of Occupy activsts out of the buildings.

Douglas Development, the banker’s lobbying group, BP, Monsanto, JP Morgan Chase’s DC headquarters, and a variety of corporate lobbyists were besieged after attempts to storm them failed.

Occupy DC said they were going to storm K st, and that’s exactly what they did.

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