Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac get massive protest, street blockade-and home demo

On the 27th of September, over 100 protesters showed up at the Wisconsin Ave headquarters of Fannie Mae, demanding nothing less than an end to foreclosures and evictions. Five were arrested after blocking Wisconsin Ave in the middle of the day, causing massive traffic jams.

Audio Report by DC’s WSQT Radio

The other protesters were not even close to finished. At about 3PM, Freddie Mac’s headquarters in MacLean, Virginia found themeselves under siege by the same protesters. Among them was DC retired EMT/Paramedic Deborah Harris, trying to get Freddie Mac to meet with her before her September 28 foreclosure court hearing.

Hey Ed DeMarco, you kick people out of their homes, so today they came to yours!

Hope Ed DeMarco likes pizza!

In the late afternoon, Ed DeMarco, head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency got a home demo and one hell of a lot of pizza delivered to his lawn!

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1 Response to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac get massive protest, street blockade-and home demo

  1. Cai says:

    I remember this. One of the most well organized actions I’ve been a part of. Only thing we were missing was a boombox for the pizza party.

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