Nazi march with KKK emblems repeatedly slowed by street blockades

On the 22nd of September, a KKK-affilated faction of the Aryan Nations Nazi group showed up at Lincoln Park in NE Washington, intending to march to the US Capitol. They would not have made it without massive police protection, and barely got to the Capitol as it was.

Video of blockades and protest against the Nazis/KKK

The “National Socialist Party of America” also showed up, but both factions of Nazis, even with help from or co-membership in the Klan, did not exceed 16 hatemongers or so. Against them were arrayed hundreds, maybe as many as 1,000 opponents of their message of hate, racism, and holocaust denial.

At least tfive times, anti-racist activists raced ahead of the DC police and set arm-locked street barricades, forcing the cops and thus the Nazis to stop. The first two times, cops read mass arrest warnngs and counterprotesters leap frogged one block or a little more and set a new blockade. At the 5th street blockade, protesters called the cops on their bluff, and they chose not to attempt a mass arrest. Instead, the cops used horses to forcibly push through the crowd. This was repeated at subsequent blockades, leading to some rather rough pushing but no arrests.

At 3ed st NE, US Capitol Police joined the fray, looking like stormtroopers in all-black riot gear. Even this did not keep anti-racist activists from retaking the streets, and the Capitol Police abandoned the effort to force all counterprotesters to the sidewalk. Instead, all the cops simply decided to push when blocked in an effort to keep moving.

At the Reflecting Pool at 3ed st NW, the Nazis entered a fenced-off protest pen, had a very short rally, and fled to their waiting bus. The driver of the bus turned out to be African-American. No doubt the bus company was not told what kind of garbage they were going to be hauling in that fancy bus!

The Nazi (and Klan as well) should try doing this without all those cops sometime like everyone else does. All the First Amendment means is that it is unconstitutional to arrest them for being Nazis, nowhere does it require any jurisidiction to provide police protection, nor does it bind parties outside the government.

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2 Responses to Nazi march with KKK emblems repeatedly slowed by street blockades

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  2. The brother should have disembarked the bus and refused to drive the morons to their destination. Hopefully he was getting paid well enough to be able to snicker all the way, I hope whatever made him drive those idiots anywhere but over a cliff was worth it for him, because it wouldn’t have been for me.

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