Occupy Monsanto dumps GMO foods in front of Monsanto’s lobbying HQ

Monsanto is well known as the world’s worst purveyor of genetically-modified seeds, the kind that grow what is known as “Frankenfood.” On the 17th of September, Occupy activists held Occupy Monsanto events all over the world. Here in DC, Occupy Monsanto dumped genetically modified foods on the sidewalk in front of Monsanto’s lobbying headquarters at 1300 I street NW.
Video of GMOs being dumped at Monsanto
Audio coverage by WSQT Radio

While the mix of various frankenfoods or genetically-modified foods bubbled and stank on the sidewalk in front of their lobbying headquarters, most Monsanto employees did not show up for work while the protest was taking place. Only a few showed up, late in the protest.

Meanwhile, activists outside denounced such crimes by Monsanto as their incredibly ugly practice of suing small farmers whose crops are contaminated by Monsanto’s dishonestly patented pollen.

While Monsanto sues farmers to deny them the right to plant seeds other than Monsanto’s patented freaks, they also spend millions on lobbying politicians for trade deals to ram GMOs down people’s throats in other countries and to not require GMO’s to be labelled in foods sold in the US. This denys you the grocery shopper the freedom to choose what to eat unless you have the money to buy high-priced organics.

So if you wonder why Occupy activists descended on Monsanto’s lobbying office on I st and on Monsanto installations all over the US on the 17th of September, those are some of the reasons!

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