Occupy DC disrupts Trans Pacific Partnership trade talks

On the 12th of September, anti-Globalization and Occupy activists disrupted the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP trade globalization talks. The highly secretive negotiations were being conducted at the Lansdowne Resort in Virginia.

Audio Report by WSQT Radio, featuring Lacy’s Mic Check.
tech note:audio from inside is very rough, as it was far too loud for whatever recorded it. Hopefully this was loud enough for the TPP delegates to hear.

The TPP trade negotiations as seen from an Occupier’s camera or cell phone

Occupy DC deploys their banner INSIDE the TPP negotiations. This is like getting inside the IMF meetings and mic-checking them!

Some activists blocked delegates from entering the meeting. Others sent up weather balloons holding a 75 foot banner reading “Free Trade My Ass: Flush the TPP.”

One activist was suspended in a climbing harness 20 feet in the air in a blockading position. The cops threated to both apply a Tazer to the metal poles and to fire pepper spray at her. The Taser would not have worked so long as she did not touch the poles, and Tasers combined with pepper spray are a notorious fire hazard. With the road blocked and with the use of force also blocked, the cops had to negotiate to let Ms Margaret Flowers descend in peace without being arrested in order to get the road reopened.

Meanwhile, three Occupy DC activists managed to covertly enter and disrupt the negotiations themselves. Here’s what things sounded like as they shouted down the so-called “free trade” talks:


People have claimed the anti-globalization movement was dead for years, but just ask the delegates to the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks about that! First they had to run the gauntlet just to get in, then they got hammered by a good old fashioned Occupy shout-down mic check! Hats off to Lacy Macaulay for leading a charge against the TPP!


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