Eviction protest exposes former Mayor Williams as Freddie Mac board member

Freddie Mac and JP Morgan Chase are again trying to evict retired DC paramedic Deboerah Harris.On the 21st of August, Deborah showed up Freddie Mac backed up by at Occupy Our Homes to deliver petitions demanding they abandon this robosigned foreclosure. During the protest it was revealed that former Mayor Williams is on Freddie Mac’s board.

VIDEO of the demo, including announcement that Williams may face home demos

AUDIO Song: Tony “the Rat” gets new partner Freddie the Mack

Freddie Mac locked their doors, just like they during previous visits by Occupy Our Homes. Again they agreed to accept the petitions and meet with the person facing foreclosure when Occupy responded by blocking both doors and the driveway. In fact, they were rather quick to agree to take the petitions, but promised little in their meeting with Deborah Harris. Her next court date in the foreclosure case is September 12.

During the protest, a most interesting piece of intelligence was revealed by one of the speakers: Former Mayor Tony “The Rat” Williams is now on Freddie Mac’s board. Warnings were issued that Anthony Williams will face protests at his home for evictions by Freddie Mac. He has faced such protests before, as he was also famous for evicting people when he was in the Mayor’s office.

When Williams was mayor, he closed down two homeless shelters. He proposed to close ALL downtown shelters, something later embraced by his sucessors Fenty and Gray. He evicted an entire SE neighborhood to build the Nationals stadium. Mayor Williams was considered synonymous with eviction by many.

In 2000, Williams proposed to evict all tenants of buildings with code violations in gentrification zones. That was called “hot properties” and was stopped by aggressive tenant organizing, but not before it gave birth to Homes Not Jails DC. Out of the interplay between HNJ and the Olive Branch was born MAYDAY DC, the group that forced Williams to open Franklin Shelter by occupying 14 campaign fundraisers in a row.

Now Williams is evicting people again, he has moved from his old apartment to a condo near 3ed st NE, and activists will be going there too: seems like old times!


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