French Ambassador, Danahar exec Johnathan Graham get HLS home demos

On the 4th of August, a variety of animal rights activists launched a night of residential picketing aimed at two targets. The first was the French Ambassador, as Air France/KLM is one of the last airlines on Earth that will fly animals to laboratories to be tortured to death.

Video of the protest at the French Ambassador’s residence
Video of the protest at the home of Jonathan Graham

With very few airlines left that fly animals to labs, there is the real possiblity that it will soon become impossible for labs like HLS to get animals shipped to them from outside North America or whatever continent they are located on. This could kill the trade in captured wild primates outright, and is yet another tool by which activists have been putting an economic and logistical chokehold on HLS.

The second target was Jonathan Graham, Senior Vice Pres of Danaher Corporation, the parent corporation of Beckman Coulter. Beckman Coulter is supplying laboratory equipment to puppy-killing Huntingdon “Life” Sciences. They have only an $85,000 contract, but have refused to dump HLS in response to peaceful protests in California. Instead, they have been suing California activists, seeking injunctions against their exercise of their 1st Amendment rights.

Therefore, their parent corporation Danaher has been selected to be the target of a national campaign demanding that they force Beckman Coulter to stop supplying HLS with lab equipment, or else divest themselves of Beckmam Coulter. They refused to meet with animal activsts about this, so animnal activists decided to meet with senior Vice President Jonathan Graham at his house just before 10PM. He wasn’t there, but his neighbors were.

That’s right-HLS home demos are BACK in DC!


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