Marijuana legalization march gets bags searched at checkpoint on Mall

On the 4th of July, the 43 annual marijuana legalization march, originally the “smoke-in” assembled in Lafayette Park for a march to their concert site on the Mall near 23ed st. As has been the case every year since 2002, they had to pass through bag search checkpoints to enter the concert area!

Video on Liveleak

Marching on Constitution Ave

Celebrating “Freedom” American style-with bag searches

That is what they fall “Freedom” in the post Sep 11 United States-the “right” to have your bag searched by police, or in this case, event staff backed by police. The only way to exercise your 4th Amendment right not to consent to a search is to refuse to enter the area “protected” by the checkpoints!

“Freedom” in the United States also seems to mean the “right” to piss in a cup while some swine watches in order to get a job or not be held in jail pending trial for the most trivial of so-called “offenses.”

The march combined medical marijuana advocates with others who quite sensably advocate an end to this “war on drugs” that has allowed brutal cartels to terrorize northern Mexico while shitting on people’s rights to control their own body.

The cartel violence was not mentioned during the speeches, but the exact same protests could have been staged by relatives of those murdered by the Zetas, (often SOA graduates), to speak on the hypocrisy of a “war on drugs” foreign and domestic policy by a nation that is the world’s leading consumer of recreational drugs. Drug testing, jump-out cops, and the police terror in our inner cities are all symptoms of this moralistic hypocrisy, and so is the blood-curdling violence in northern Mexico, sometimes worse than Iraq at the height of the war,.


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