Occupy DC/Caravan marches to MLK Memorial against NYC “Stop and Frisk”

On the evening of the 28th of June, Occupiers marched past the White House to the MLK Memorial, where they held a candlelight speak-out against New York City’s racist “stop and frisk” policy of illegally searching Black and Brown people. The searches rely on intimidating people into emptying pockets and consenting to searches, making everything found admissable in court.

Video on Liveleak This is the right video, previous upload was wrong video file

On the White House fence, since Obama seems to be “on the fence” about racist “stop and frisk”

Marching to the MLK Memorial

Candles for those victimized by the NYPD under “Stop and Frisk”

The behavior of the rangers and Park Police was interesting: Two days earlier, they had stood in a line to prevent the National Alliance of HUD Tenants (NAHT) from entering the MLK Memorial. They had a lot of African-American marchers. Yet, when Occupy, with more white folks and a few people of color showed up they were not interfered with even as they sat down directly alongside the bust of King, lit candles for the victims of NYC’s racist “Stop and Frisk” madness, and held a speakout. This implies that what happened to NAHT as they tried to continue MLK’s work may have differed from what happened to Occupy on the basis of race.

If you are stopped by the NYPD under “Stop and Frisk”, REFUSE to consent to a search, REFUSE to empty your pockets. Anything they find by force other than a weapon cannot be used against you in court. This could keep you from having your children taken away by Child Protective Services over a motherfucking joint in your pocket!


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