Occupy DC retakes McPherson Square

On the 28th of June an Occupy caravan arrived in DC. They were reinforced by both Occupy DC and the Anarchist Alliace-DC Network,. One of the first actions of the combined group was to retake McPherson Square and set up the tents. The cops were about as pleased as an upscale hotel owner would be at being told the bedbugs are back. The difference is, it’s the K st bankers(especially evicting JP Morgan Chase and Bank of AmeriKKKa) and lobbyists who are the bedbugs biting DC!

VIDEO: Video set to music of fresh new tents on the grass of the General Assembly lawn

McPherson Square reoccupied!

These park cops were some very unhappy campers!

A Park Police taser like the one fired at “Lash” in February


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