Protesters in jumpsuits and hoods march against American torture

On the 24th of June, protesters demanding the abolition of torture and the closure of Guantanimo Bay and “black site” prisons marched from the US Capitol to the White House in orange jumpsuits and black hoods.

Video of the march with survivor’s testimony read in the background

This march ought to be called “America’s March of Shame” for having to be repeated so many times. Obama was called out for backtracking on his phoney politician’s promise to close Guantanimo Bay.

Obama blames Congress for denying funding, but as the executive Obama could have pardoned and released at Gitmo itself every detainee present, with Congress having no recourse at all, as no funds would be spent. Under this scenario detainees would have had to arrange their own transportation off Cuba but would be out of US custody.


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