Housing activists set one day tent city at Mt Pleasant and Lamont

On June 24, housing activsts set up a tent city in the park at Mt Pleasant St and Lamont and used it for teach-ins. Mount Pleasant is a neighborhood under seige, with upscale newcomers who can afford outrageous rents or condo mortgages pushing out longstanding residents. They are especially pushing out Central American/South American Indigenous folks, so this is effectively an extension of the Indian Wars.

AUDIO DC Pirate Radio (WSQT) Coverage of the teach-ins

Transcript of audio:

On the 24th of June, housing activsts set up a tent city in the park at Mt Pleasant and Lamont sts NW. The tent city was only erected for one day, and used for teach-ins about housing issues threatening longstanding DC residents with expulsion from the city. Here are some speakers on three issues: The first two cover the efforts to rebuild the Deauville Apartments that were burned to the ground in the 2008 fire widely regarded as landlord arson. The second is on the efforts by developers to kill rent control and defraud tenants out of remaining rent controlled apartments. The last is on the fight by the remaining group or collective houses in Mount Pleasant to keep their buildings as landlords seek to evict them.

(tape-Deauville apartments)

Rising rents are another out of control fire driving people from their homes. Here’s an update on how landlords are trying to evade rent control laws, given by another speaker at the June 24 tent city at Lamont and Mt Pleasant sts.

(tape-rent control tenants being forced out by landlord scams)

Speaking of community, group or collective houses used to be common in Mount Pleasant both as a way to make housing affordable and to combine other resources in ways like what you just heard. Now few of them are left, landlords and developers are trying to get rid of the rest:

(tape-group house fights for survival)

Outro song “We aint gonna move”


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