US Capitol Police meet “March on Congress” with indiscriminate arrests

On the 15th of May, about 25 activists marched on the US Capitol to demand the that the public get the same open access to Congress that lobbyists seem to have. One person carried out a civil disobediance demanding to enter the building, but he was NOT the only person arrested.

Video Video of the civil disobediance-and the NON civil disobediance arrests

Audio Report Radio Mix provided by WSQT Radio

Banner on the Crapitol steps[/caption]

Arrested in a civil disobediance

Arrested on the sidewalk while NOT engaged in civil disobediance!

After the civil disobediance, the Capitol Police repeatedly re-set their perimeter, reading out the three warnings for a mass arrest in rapid sucession each time. At no time were protesters informed where the zone Capitol Police were declaring off-limits to protest ended.

After protesters had retreated to the sidewalk to get out of the moving perimeters, police began lunging onto the sidewalk to arrest the remaining protesters. I do not know the total number of arrests, as I had to take off when cops advanced in my direction.

While all this was going on, a crew with gallery passes was supposed to break away from the protest, enter the building with no personal belongings, and carry out an unspecified action from the galleries as Congress returns to session today. I do not know if any of them were able to break away in time. Any updates?

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