This Weekend: G8 protests in Frederick, then busses to Chicago for NATO

This weekend, NATO is meeting in Chicago and the G-8 is meeting at Camp David. The decision of Greek voters to reject the bailout and austerity package will be high on the agenda at the G-8 and maybe at NATO as well.

AUDIO PROMO WSQT Radio’s audio promo for the G8 and NATO protests

At both summits, the rich and powerful will conspire and plot to further exploit people around the world.Corporate lobbyists will hobnob with presidents and prime ministers while police with barricades and riot shields demand the public stay away.

In Greece there have suicides over evictions, now Norm Rousseau in Oregon, facing the eviction of his family by Wells Fargo Bank, has also committed suicide. Is THIS the future we want, or do we want something better?

There will be protests in Frederick, MD against the G8, and absolutely HUGE protests in Chicago against the NATO summit. Action begins in Fredrick, MD with a People’s Summit Friday morning followed by a march at 2:30 PM against the G-8. There will be further protests all day on Saturday. There will be buses leaving Frederick for Chicago so people can pursue the same wealthy gangsters from Frederick to Chicago. Originally the G-8 was going to be held in Chicago alongside the NATO summit, but they moved it to Camp David near Frederick after reports that 50,000 people could descend on Chicago to protest a joint summit.

We’ve already kicked the G-8 out of Chicago. Now let’s kick them out of Frederick and then kick NATO out of Chicago! If the Chicago police want to defend the modern day heirs of Al Capone, they risk creating a repeat of the 1968 Democratic National Convention and they know it, so have at it!

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1 Response to This Weekend: G8 protests in Frederick, then busses to Chicago for NATO

  1. Robert says:

    Wells Fargo and Banks in general have blood on their hands for destroying people’s lives with it’s disgraceful business practices and yet nobody is doing anything about it. They get away with it every day. Mortgage Fraud Settlement? Explain it to the Rousseau family, AG Schneiderman.

    Norm Rousseau situation took place in Ventura County, California. Complete story here…

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