Thousands protest Bank of America board meeting in Charlotte, NC

On the 9th of May a crowd estimated as being at least 1,000 people and by some to be as many as 3,000 descended on Bank of America’s corporate board meeting in Charlotte, N Carolina. Youtube has been making many videos of these proests “unavailable” so we have force-downloaded them and reposted them elsewhere as downloadable files:

Downloadable video Drummers hold 5th and College against the police

Downloadable video Bob Kincaid reports back from INSIDE the Bank of America shareholder meeting

Audio by Pirate Radio Station WSQT Audio Report on Charlotte BofA board meeting protests

Transcript of WSQT Radio report:

(Intro-compilation of mainstream media sound clips)

On the 9th of May, thousands of people marched in Charlotte, North Caolina to Bank of America’s board meeting. Marchers were furious with activites of Bank of America ranging from the foreclosures they got from Countrywide, to their greedy acceptance of a taxpayer-funded bailout, to their continuing financial support for mountaintop removal coal mining.

The Charlotte Police declared the protest an “extraordinary event” suppsoedly granting them extraordinary powers, but were unable to keep marchers from taking over the streets.

Here’s what it sounded like at the intersection of 5th and College in Charlotte as protesters held the street over the objections of police:


The police admitted a week or two ago that they didn’t want to reveal their tactics to organizers of the upcoming protests against the Democratic National Convention. Anyway, thousands were able to march all the way to the Bank of America Stadium. All the Bank of America stockholders had to wait behind police barricades and cops just like delegates to the IMF and World Bank meetings. About 100 of those stockholders were small stockholders supporting distressed homeowners and/or opposing BofA’s coal investments.


Here’s what is sounded like INSIDE Bank of America’s board meeting as protesting stockholder sick of forecloures opened up on them:


Here’s what Bob Kinkaid had to say about the garbage coming from Bank of America executives about their investments in filthy coal after coming out of the board meeting

(Tape-report from inside BofA board meeting)

I’d like to see Bank of America do the right thing to, but they’ve got a hell of a long way to go.Bank of America has done a lot of truly awful things and made a lot of beefs on the street in the process. Here’s what a veteran of the Iraq War who lives whers coal is mined asked of Bank of America


Here’s another statement opposing Bank of America’s continued support for mountaintop removal coal mining:


Bank of America, thousands just showed you what they think of foreclosing on people homes and then foreclosing on our whole planet with outrages like dirty coal and destroying whole communities with things like mountaintop remocal coal! Were you watching as protesters staged a symbolic boxing match between a suit-and-tie executive of your bank and a woman whose home you foreclosed on? You should have been, because you were defeated in that match. If Bank of America keeps begging for taxpayer money to fund huge executive pay packages, keeps throwing people out of their homes, and investing in destroying our good Earth, next year the knockout might not be a symbolic one!

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