DARTT protests at Italian Embassy in solidarity with imprisoned beagle liberators

On the 8th of May, DC area animal rights activists descended on the Italian Embassy to demand the closure of the Green Hill breeding facility, a laboratory supply breeder that sends 250 beagle puppies a month to vivisection labs. Activists also demanded the release of 12 activists in Italy who stormed the breeder and rescued 30 beagles on April 28.

video Video showing both the beagle liberation and the protest in DC

On the 28th of April, a protest in Italy against Green Hill suddenly morphed into a raid, with activists storming the grounds and rescuing 30 beagles. They climbed over fences, opened the kennels and liberated the dogs. This was not an ALF night raid, but an in-your-face invasion and rescue of animals being shipped to torture in broad daylight and in public.

Most of the beagles made it to safety and were removed from the area before the police could catch their rescuers, but 12 activists and a few beagles were captured. The activsts are currently at a prison in Brescia, and could face charges up to robbery for this beagle liberation.

Activists at the Italian Embassy on May 8 were demanding that all these charges be dropped, all 12 activists be released, and every last dog be removed from Green Hill breeders and the facility be shut down.

Green Hill, like Huntingdon Life Sciences, has been caught shaking and punching beagle puppies to “discipline” them. Who are those who shake and punch their victims to make money off them to accuse anyone of “robbery?”

Here is the press release issued by DARTT before the Embassy protest:

WASHINGTON, DC, May 8, 2012, at 11:30am, DC area activists will protest at the Italian Embassy at 3000
Whitehaven St, NW Washington, DC 20008 to demand that the charges against Italian activists be
dropped, that vivisection is replaced with non‐animal models, and that the Italian government listens to
its citizens and shut down Green Hill breeders.

Background: On April 28th Italian activists rescued 30 beagles from the Green Hill breeding facility that
supplies up to 250 beagles every month to vivisectionists for cruel tests. Some of the rescued beagles
were puppies, others were pregnant mothers and some had already had their vocal cords ripped out.
The rescuers climbed fences, opened kennels and liberated as many beagles as they could. They passed
the pups and moms over the fence and rushed as many as possible to safety. 12 of these
compassionate people were arrested during the rescue. Thankfully, most of the beagles made it to
safety, but authorities managed to recapture some unfortunate victims.
Vivisection cruelties go beyond the regular torture of the tests. Undercover video footage shows beagle
puppies being punched and shaken by lab workers. All animals used for vivisection suffer. All animals
have the same inherent right to live free from human exploitation and other intentional harms.

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