Day 11 of death fast against fossil fuels outside Canadian Embassy

Sat, May 5 marked the 11th day of a “Death Fast” by a man using the name “Start Loving” outside the Canadian Embassy.

Video Video Interview w Mr Loving

Although Canada is best known among environmentalists for the Alberta Tar Sands mining, Mr Loving pointed out that it was Canada, not the US, that sabotaged the Copenhage Climate Conference. His death fast is against not only the tar sands mining and Keystone XL pipeline, but ALL man-made CO2 and methane emissions

He is demanding that the total cost of fossil fuel use and methane emissions associated with same be included in the market price of the fuels. His proposal is a $200 per ton carbon tax, increasing $200 per ton per year, assessed at the wellhead, mine, or port of entry.

Think about Mr Loving and his hunger strike as you continue to pour $4 a gas with an estimated production+profit+externalized climate cost of $16 a gallon into that 25 gallon tank on your big oversized SUV. Think about him as you look for a new, larger house with a giant lawn and a giant air conditioning and swimming pool pump power/water bill. Those A/C bills are going to go up as the climate changes!


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