Activists march against GOP War on Women in face of attempted disruption

On the 28th of April, a variety of DC area activists including the Radical Cheerleaders, Occupy DC, and a lot of gender rights activists I have not seen out much gathered in front of the White House to march on the Capitol against GOP efforts to restrict women’s rights.

Video of the march

Raw Audio a speaker from Catholics for Choice

Raw Audio a speaker reads out a letter to legislators demanding an end to laws that treat women as breeding livestock

Right off the start there was a failed attempt to start trouble. There were a couple of counterdemostrators with giant antiabortion signs, one of whom tried to stand in front of the march as though either leading it or blocking it. As soon as the march left the Plaza in front of the White House, a large number of Secret Service cops aggressively demanded marchers stay off the streets. The cops then disappeared within a few more blocks as the march left their territory.

The question therefore arises: Was there any kind of prearrangement between the attempted right-wing provocation and the cops who appeared seconds later?

There was a second police incident as the march aproached Capitol Hill. Three Capitol Police suddenly pointed to a masked activst from Occupy DC and demanded that he submit to a search-or else. As videographers began to gather, the cops cut their search short, but just laughed when he said they would have tackled him and searched him by force had he refused to consent to the search. This was in reponse to my reminding him that there is NEVER a legal obligation to consent to a search.

With the ugliness over, the march proceeded to Upper Senate Park for a rally condemning the GOP and “social conservatives” for trying to limit access to contraceptives, ban abortion, and excluded both from health care coverage.

While many of the speaker were mainstream Democrats, not all were and some had targets beyond the GOP state legislators behind some of the recent assaults on gender equalit.

One speaker at the rally, from Catholics for Choice, condemned Catholic bishops as being out of touch with the 90% of American Catholics who use birth control, a percentage higher than birth control use in the US as a whole.

Fliers went out condemning remarks by extremists like Rush Limbaugh and calling for a boycott of corporations funding misogynist speakers and programs on NPR and elsewhere. Explicitly condemned in the fliers and on some ribbons marchers wore was the outrageous remarks about aspirin between the knees as “birth control.”

Here is a list of corporate sponsors of misogynist hate speech being called out for boycott:


Angie’s List


Dish Network

Long Fence



Premiere Radio Networks

and the biggie:



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