DC World Lab Animal Liberation Day protests: USDA and HLS customers hit

On the 24th of April, animal rights activists from DC and elsewhere gathered first in front of the USDA, then marched on the offices of Bayer and Astra-Zeneca, both notorious customer of puppy-killing Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Video of the protest

The activists were at the USDA to condemn their “regulation” of vivisection laboratories in such a way as to allow routine deaths of animals in addition to and on top of those intentionally caused in so-called “experiments.”

When the USDA protest was done, activists paid a visit to Bayer and Astra-Zeneca, to remind them that until they dump HLS like so many of their competitors have already done, they are going to have problems. One of these problems is activists reminding the world of something Bayer would rather forget: Their role in WWII as part of IG Farben, owners of the Auschitz death camp.

All this dragging of skeletons from corpoate closets, all these protests at the home and at the office, always end instantly when the offending corporation dumps HLS. When they do that (and they always do in the end) they also dump their problems with animal rights protesters!


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