Oil and “correxit” dumped in front of BP’s headquarters

On the 20th of April, Earth Week protests stepped up to an aggressive direct action in front of BP’s downtown headquarters: a fake oil rig was used to dump what appeared to be used motor oil but could have been a nontoxic facsimile of something like gloppy wheay paste and black dye. It was then “cleaned” from the sidewalk using a substance declared nontoxic at a mic check but pured from a bottle labelled “correxit.”

Video of the oil dump at BP

The “corrrexit” was very effective in removing the “oil” from the sidewalk, but of course the “oil” did not cease to exist, it only moved to the gutters. This is appropriate, considering that April 20 is the anniversay of the horrific blowout on BP’s Macondo oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

Unlike whatever Occupy was using, BP’s crude oil and correxit combined to make a far more toxic brew than either substance by itself, while causing the oil to sink to the sea floor, out of sight and hopefully for BP, out of mind.

One persoh was arrested for the “oil” dump, in stark contrast to the lack of arrests of BP and Transocean executives for dumping untold millions of barrels of both crude oil and correxit.Another person was detained but released.


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