Occupy DC storms lobby of Cargill after Monsanto protest

On the 19th of April, Occupy DC marched on Monsanto, for the third protest against the corporation some call “Monsatan” for attempting to gain control of the world’s food supply via genetic engineering and patents on life. The protest was expected, so the two attempts to enter the lobby were essentially “pump-fakes” as they would be described in North American football. The real action was later and elsewhere.

Video of the storming of Cargill and mic checks inside

After leaving Monsanto, Occupy DC returned directly to McPherson Square. Shortly therafter, Occupy went back out, this time to the headquarters of Cargill, another agribusiness giant notorious both for their involvment in the US-South Korea Free Trade Agreement and for child slavery in Mali and Ivory Coast. This is on top of the fact that Cargill shares with Monsanto the unsavory role of being one of the world’s top sources of genetically-engineered seeds.

The Cargill protest was a complete and total surprise, and the entire march had no trouble storming into the lobby unopposed. After leaving the building,protesters announced that some would be sleeping in front of that building for the indefinite future.

There was a third protest later in the day against GMO’s. at the Washington Convention Center where former Monsanto lawyer Michael Taylor, now at the food and drug administration, was speaking.


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