Two Occupy DC activists arrested for sleeping in front of Bank of America

At about 10 AM on the 10th of April, two activists from Occupy DC were arrested for sleeping in front of the Bank of America branch at Vermont Ave and L st, close to McPherson Square.

Video by occupiers, hosted on Youtube NOT embedded for security/Google Privacy poliicy reasons

It does not appear from the video that they were ambushed while still asleep, but the video does not start prior to the arrival of the cops. The Twitter feed indicated a buildup of cops prior to their taking action, so it appears that there was enough advance warning to limit arrests to intentional civil disobediance.

One person on site said Bank of America threw them out of their home and indicated this would be a “test case,” presumbly for those foreclosed on by BofA for sleeping in front of the bank that foreclosed on their home.


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