DC Million Hoodie March

On the 7th of April, an estimated 400 people marched from Malcolm X Park to Freedom Plaza in solidarity with the family of Trayvon Martin, the man murdered by self-appointed, wannabe cop neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman.

Video of the march and some speakers

On 14th st, the march spread out from it’s “assigned” area (all of the southbound lanes) to pass between stopped northbound cars. Many of the drivers honked their horns, not in anger at the protest but in response to signs asking them to honk for Travyon Martin.

One of the speakers at Freedom Plaza pointed out that 29 people have already been murdered by cops, secuirty guards, wannabes, or just plain white racists this year. I don’t know if the recent Tulsa, Oklahoma rampage is considered part of this total or not, given that nobody knows if the shooter there is connected to cops or to white supremacist groups yet.

Another remembered her own son, murdered by police in Montgomery County while not in the act of committing any crime at all, just “wrong place, wrong time.” She warned that anyone at the rally could share Trayvon’s fate in the current racially poisonous atmosphere.


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