Occupy DC stops eviction long enough for court to issue stay

On the 2nd of April, US Marshals showed up at Dawn Butler’s home in NE DC with an eviction order, only to find that Occupy DC got there first. Three cop cars and the bank agent showed up, and the agent from Chase Bank acted like he did NOT want to have to deal with Occupy DC.

By 10:30 AM, it was reported that Dawn Butler had obtained a stay of eviction from the court, meaning that Occupy DC prevented her property from being forcibly removed prior to the issuance of the stay.

JP Morgan Chase denied Dawn her legal right, as specified in DC law, when they foreclosed on her landlord. I am not sure if Resenburg and Associates is the landlord Chase foreclosed on or a perperty manager hired by Chase, but Occupy was asking people to call them.

A stay is not a final victory, so people are still being asked to call Rosenberg and Associates and JP Morgan Chase, demanding permanent cancellation of this planned eviction:

Rosenberg and Associates, LLC: 301-­‐903-­‐8000
J.P. Morgan Chase: 212-­‐552-­‐0054

Below is the statement from evictionfreezone.us . There is some connection between them and the liberal Democrats of the “99% Spring,” not sure what it is:

Occupy DC confronts U.S. Marshals to save Dawn Butler’s home

WASHINGTON DC- 9am Monday April 2rd, the U.S. Marshals are set to evict Dawn Butler from the home that she has lived in since 2006.

J.P. Morgan Chase denied Dawn her right to buy her house when her landlord foreclosed, as DC law mandates. The bank railroaded her case through the courts. Now she is being evicted.

However, she will not be leaving. Dawn and Occupy Our Homes have teamed up to stop her eviction.

Dawn is just one of millions of Americans who have been taken advantage of by greedy banks. Communities of color were disproportionally affected by the 2008 financial collapse. Between 2001 and 2009 median black wealth fell 83%. This is due in no small part to that community being targeted by banks for unfair foreclosure and evictions.

“Why should I move? I have not done anything wrong. I feel like when I walk back into that court I am going to have even more strength. I’m not alone, at first I was embarrassed, because the Marshals are going to be outside, this is so embarrassing, but now I say, ‘come outside Marshals, because this is what you are going to see, you are going to see us fighting back.’”

Around the country the movement has been gathering steam to fight back against the banks that are denying people their right to housing. Housing activists have successfully blocked eviction and even moved homeless families into vacant homes.

Just last month Bertina Jones, a homeowner in Bowie, Maryland, joined Occupy Our Homes-DC to successfully block her own eviction. Ms. Jones’ story serves as a model for people facing eviction around the country.

They will try to isolate you and make you feel so embarrassed. And you don’t know what to do, and you don’t have a lawyer, and they have a whole legal team. And you feel like you’re fighting this big giant alone. But you’re not alone, and if we stand together they can’t win. And that’s why I’m out supporting them.”

Housing is a human right. The 99% will no longer allow profits to subvert people’s needs. The spring offensive is underway.


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One Response to Occupy DC stops eviction long enough for court to issue stay

  1. Bill Moyer says:

    Statement regarding correction to this story-Backbone states they not connected to MoveOn or Democratic Party

    The 99% Spring appears to be conected to Democratic Party front groups, this is the reason their “NVCD trainings” are being ignored by many activists. Working under time pressure, the editors of this site incorrectly identfied the Backbone Campaign as one of thesse Democratic front groups.

    Bill Moyers of Backbone wrote a comment (exerpted below) stating that this is incorrect. This was based on the author’s impressions from the 2004 DNC in Boston that Backbone was in the same category as MoveOn, based on the idea if trying to stiffen Dem spines instead of getting rid of both parties. Backbone was far more visible in the streets of Boston during the 2004 DNC than MoveOn, for obvious reasons.

    Here in DC, there’s been a LOT of ugly history of Democrat front groups trying to co-opt radical movements, culminating in an attempt to sabotage the Fall 2007 October rebellion IMF protests in Georgetown.

    Sorry about mixing Backbone up with the sellouts and opportunists who want to turn Occupy into a Democratic version of the Tea Party, happy to hear that Backbone is NOT part of the so-called “99% Spring” that so many Occupy groupos have disowned, I understand people would not like being mistaken for these jerks, so I have edited Bill’s comment to remove personal attacks and air the rest:

    Excerpt from Bill Moyer’s Comment

    The Backbone Campaign is a radical movement building organization that works with community based organizations, activists and organizers around the country providing training and action support. I am a co-founder of Backbone and though we attacked the Democrats for lack of Backbone early on, we are actually one of the most critical voices against faux-movement, party affiliated organizations like MoveOn. If anything, our roots are in anarcho-syndicalism, and the Greens.

    We are not part of the 99%Spring partly for that reason – though jury is still out on that effort. The other reason we are not part of the 99% Spring is that we are frankly just too busy doing cutting edge strategy and tactics trainings like the http://Doo-Occupy.org training that helped Occupy Our Homes DC (via on open-minded participant and the DC activist lawyer helping the family) prepare for this action. The DC lawyer was provided mentorship from our Boston allies City Life/Vida Urbana lawyer on how to argue this and other cases. Right to the City was our other training partner – both share our radical critique AND are all far from Democratic party front group

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