Occupy DC Carnival of Resistance draws police harassment

A Carnival of Resistance is ongoing at Occupy DC for the weekend of March 31-April 1. Games include Break the Bank(throwing imitation money bricks through targets that look like bank windows) and Pie the Politician. Towards evening on March 31, four Park Police swarmed the Anarchist Library and stole a HAT from the person running it.

Video of the Break the Bank game, the police harassment, and interview about the harassment

The hat, purchased from a thrift shop the day before, bears the Park Police logo and name. They are demanding he present a receipt in order to get it back, but gave him NO receipt, so there is no way fro him to prove he was the one they took it from unless one of the Livestreamers was filming him at the moment the hat was taken. I saw a flash of a pig grabbing something and turned my camera that way, but they already had it.

According to the second person interviewed, this was NOT the only incident of police harassment at McPherson Square on the 31st of March. OK, another big street march is scheduled for Noon on Sunday, April 1!

At Least Sgt Reed, the man who has made SO much trouble at Occupy DC, seems to have disappeared since the disruptive Thursday night traffic blocking march his conduct that day triggered.


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