Occupy DC marches through streets, blocks traffic to retaliate for police attack on Information tent

On the 29th of March, US Park Police invaded Occupy DC’s McPherson Square campsite, removed the Informaton tent and everything inside, and violently arrested a woman who tried to reclaim her property from it.

The small-scale raid was at noon, while some of the Occupiers and the press were busy with the protest at ALEC’s 1101 Vermont Ave headquarters over “Stand Your Ground” laws cited in the Trayvon Martin murder. Almost exactly two hours after the raid, a new Info tent was set up and back in full scale operation.

Occupiers were extremely angry with the Park Police, to the point that a proposal to immediately retaliate with a blockade of K st came within a whisker of being adopted-this time around. Any further aggression of this sort could well carry consequences of the sort the police or their corporate masters won’t like!

For the second time in less than a week, the Park Police falsely told Occupiers that posession of ANY personal property at McPherson Square was somehow illegal. Police are legally permitted to lie to the public, like when Park Police threatened to arrest Occupiers under a vagrancy law the courts overturned in 1969 if they don’t carry ID.

Video-recorded Ustream video of the police attack Begins with the Civil Rights rally against ALEC from which the Livestreamer was summoned by an emergency messsage

At 7PM on the 29th of March, Occupy DC swarmed out of McPherson Square and into K street. Marching against traffic one one way streets whenever possible, protesters snaked to strategic intersection after strategic intersection, blocking each one with a circular march for as long as possible.

Video of march with interview to witness to attack and clip from earlier ALEC protest

The march culminated with a blockade of both rings of Dupont Circle, and after marching back down Conn Ave, the marched passed ALEC, the second time protesters had been there on the 29th of March. This was followed by a two-element blockade of Logan Circle, the highlight of which was that a bus was permitted to pass, but a gasoline tanker was resolutely blocked by anti fossil fuel activists.

The intersection blockades, one after another in rapid sequence, cause unpredictable and spreading traffic jams for about an hour and a half. Motorists and bystanders were told “this traffic jam brought to you by Sgt Reed of the US Park Police!

When the march returned to McPherson Square after almost two hours in the streets, the Park Police were nowhere to be found. Only MPD cruisers, none from the US Park Police, could be seen parked anywhere near McPhseron Square.

Some of the marchers carried fishing poles or improvised fishing poles with small donuts or imitations of donuts dangling from the line, symbolizing a barbed hook within for any cop stupid enough to take the bait. The Park cop who made all the recent trouble is named Sgt Reed, and with the consequences the March 29 raid stirred up, his career may not be well and truly hooked.


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