Reportback from Justice for Trayvon rally on the Wilson Building steps

Thousands of people gathered on Freedom Plaza, Penn Ave, and hundreds on the very steps of the Wilson Building to protest the racist murder of Trayvon Martin on the 24th of March.

Video:Speaker calls for boycotting ALEC corporations, another says Zimmerman “would have shot Mickey Mouse”

One speaker said the crowd looked like a big of Skittles for the diversity of people present.It was a bag of Skittles Trayvon had in his hand when he was murdered.

One speaker at the rally called for a boycott of Wal-Mart and other corporations finding ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, which wrote Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. That law is being cited by Zimmerman, a self-appointed and unregistered “neighborhood Watch” as his defense. Ironically, a literal reading of the law by a non racially bised court would find that Trayvon would under it have been entitled to stand his ground, draw a gun, and blow Zimmerman’s head off if he continued his attack. Of course, as another speaker pointed out, if Trayvon had responded to the great threat Zimmeriam posed with a gun of his own, he would be sitting in jail awaiting trial for murder!

When the rally was over, the dispersing crowd was large enough to create very heavy pedestrian traffic on all nearby sidewalks, as dense as the Beltway would be with cars on an afternoon rush hour.

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