Ringlings beats, maybe maces tigers ONSTAGE at 7PM 3-17 show

Spectators at the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey circus on the last show of the night on March 17 got more than they paid for when a tiger trainer sprayed the big cats in the face with an unknown liquid, then beat them for two minutes. At least 6 circusgoers independantly reported this to activists. On March 18, a circusgoer reported that the tigers were once again beaten onstage.

audio:WSQT Radio’s coverage featuring anbinterview with activist who ran projeector and was told about the beatings/macings of the tigers

No circusgoer had yet posted video of this incident, if I see any I will link to it.

Ringlings has admitted in the past to firing pepper spray at lions and tigers. What they used on stage could have been more pepper spray(most likely), ammonia, or water with the intention the cats would associate it with being maced.

If either pepper spray or ammonia was fired indoors at the Veizon Center, that trainer risked causing a human stampede for the exits, with an average of ten thousand people in the seats. In such a stampede, human injuries would be almost certain and deaths not out of the question. Both have happened before at concerts and other events where the crowd was stampeded by any kind of incident.

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