Nigerians protest at World Bank against fuel price hikes, police violence

On the 9th of January, Nigerians protests at the headquarters of the Wold Bank. They acted in solidarity with Occupy Nigeria and labor activists in Nigeria who have called a general strike (and been met with live ammunition) against protesting fuel price hikes demanded by the IMF and World Bank.

Video focussing on speakers in front of the World Bank

On New Year’s Day, Nigerians awoke to find the price of gasoline and diesel had doubled overnight, as the Niterian president acceded to the demands of the IMF and World Bank, removing public subsidies from fuel. Nigeria is a major oil-producing nation, yet the sale of crude oil to Shell is being deemed more important than the ability of the people whose land sits over the oil to use that very oil.

Occupy Nigeria, the Nigerian “We the People” coalition, and the Nigerian labor unions have called a general strike beginning today, the 9th of January.

One update from Nigeria was announced during the World Bank protest: Several police officers who has shot protesters in recent days have just been arrested.

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