HD Video: 2011 in DC activism, a year Occupied

2011 is a year that made history, even Time Magazine called “the protester” man of the year!

DC-centered Video on Liveleak

Download HD video in 1080p, 235 MB

Video covers protests and events in DC from early January 2011 through December 2011, focussing on Occupy DC related events after October 1. Occupy has been a breath of fresh air, revitalizing an activist scene that desperately needed to reach new people.

The HD video is compressed fairly hard to keep it under 250MB, but is still better quality than the 360P video sent to Liveleak-and MUCH better quality than the video Liveleak will send back to you. Download it, play it in any media player that can play mp4 files containing the industry-standard H264 codec. You can start playback before the download finishes with many players, it is a “web-optimized” video with the information needed by the video player at the start.

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