Egyptians ouside Egyptian military office protest killings of protesters

On the 22nd of December, Egyptians plus a few people from the ISO and a few more from Occupy DC showed up outside the “defense” office of the Egyptian Embassy. This office is on L st near Georgetown, far from the Egyptian Embassy.

Video of the General arguing with protesters, then of an attempt to project scenes of brutality in Egypt on the building

This general argued with protesters outside the "defense" office

The protesters were there to protest the recent beatings and shootings of protesters in Egypt. One man came out and argued with protesters, I was told he was the highest ranking general at the office. At first I hoped he was willing to side with Egyptian protesters, but I was told that was NOT the case, and at one point the lond Secret Service officer on the scene told him to stop antagonizing protesters, remining the General that he was the only cop around.

Later, protesters tried to project scenes of the brutality in Egypt on the walls of the building, but it worked poorly due to the shape of the building so a screen had to be used

We’ve all seen the famous image of an Egyptian soldier about to stomp on a partially-stripped woman flat on the ground. Anyone involved in the Occupy movement here needs to keep an eye on what is happening in Egypt. Repeated efforts by the Egyptian military to clear the occupation of Tahrir Square have used tactics that seem to be a cross between the eviction of Occupy Oakland and Kent State.

The Occupy strategy of continuously holding public space began in three places, first Tunisia, then Egypt, and finally in Wisconsin here in the US.

Another lesson for Occupy from Egypt is not to settle for half mneasures. Mubarak stepped down early in the year, now the Egyptian military that stood behind him and did NOT step down is trying to backtrack on the revolution. Porbably they have been planning that all along, expecting wrongly that the protesters would have demobilized by now.

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