7 arrested at 3ed day in a row of White House NDAA protests

Shortly before 9 PM on December 20, marchers from both Occupy camps converged on the White House, demanding that President Obama veto the NDAA is he wants to be re-elected. The NDAA is the Pentagon funding bill with attached military indefinate detention clause.

Video of the picket and civil disobediance

This was the third day (second night action) of civil disobediance against the NDAA in a row. This time around, 7 people were arrested after refusing to leave the sidewalk in front of the White House.

At one point, police tried to induce the picketers marching in a circle on the sidewalk to talk the sitting protesters out of civil disobediance, saying the CD would force them to close the sidewalk and push away the picketers. This of course assumes the picket is deemed more important than the civil disobediance, a highly unlikely state of affairs!

There was only one demand of the protest: that Obama veto the Pentagon budget (NDAA) containing the military indefinate detention clause. One speaker pointed out that the civil disobediance was a “use it or lose it” proposition, as this same act after passage of the NDAA would risk a lifetime in indefinate military detention if the President were simply to declare that anyone opposing his war effort is to be considered supporting al-Qaeda. Former President Bush made repeated statements coming close to exactly that-statements never repudiated by Obama.

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1 Response to 7 arrested at 3ed day in a row of White House NDAA protests

  1. Chaz Lake says:

    OMG! Lets Pepper Spray them!

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