Bradley Manning Solidarity protest at Ft Meade, MD

On December 17, 2011, an estimated 150 supporters of accusedx “wikileaker” Bradley Manning showed up at Ft Meade, marching along Rt 175 from one gate of the base to another.

Video of the protest with clip from “collateral murder” “Collateral murder” courtesy Bradley Manning via Wikileaks IF he did what prosecutors allege!

Bradley Manning is accused of giving Wilikleaks such “secrets” as the infamous “collaral murder” video, is now at Ft Meade, MD for a preliminary hearing on his court-martial. Other “secrets” exposed more torture in Iraq and similar unsavory news from Afghanistan.

You may recall the “Collateral Murder” video-the gun camera footage from a helicopter gunship under the call sign “crazyhorse 1.” The gunner mows down a civilian journalist in Iraq, in addition to the sound of long bursts from the automatic cannon you can hear phrases on the raido like “come on-let’s shoot” and “we’re taking him.” As an ambulance picks him up, the helicopter fires multiple bursts of automatic cannon fire into the ambulance, after recieving “permission to engage.” Both shooting civilians and finishing off the wounded are internationally-recognized war crimes.

Bradley Manning has been in prison 18 months, this is his first court appearance. In addition, December 17 was his 24th birthday.

On Friday, December 16,some of Bradley’s supporters were at his first appearance at a military “court,” despite the hassles of entering the base. Several of the speakers at the December 17 rally saw Bradley on the 16th-and recounted that the support he is getting from activists has been imprtant to preserving his morale under extreme conditions.

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  1. People should know about one result of the Wikileaks “collateral murder” video. When one of the soldiers, Ethan McCord, saw it and recognized himself in the video, trying to save the lives of children but being told to leave them behind, that cemented his opposition to war.

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