OWS Solidarity: Occupy DC storms DC offices of Bloomfield, hits US Conf of Mayors

The sickening November 15 police raid on Occupy Wall Street, complete with videotaped beatings,cries out for payback. Late afternoon the same day, Occupy DC stormed into the Victor Building on 9th st, housing the DC offices of Bloomfield Office properties, “owner” of Zucatti Park the home base of Occupy Wall Street.

Video of the DC Solidarity action with intro of NY cops beating Occupy Wall Street

Occupy DC’s arrival seemed to take Bloomfield by complete surprise, as the door was unlocked, allowing protesters to swarm into the building, reinforced lead banner and all, until no more would fit in the first floor hallway. I do not know if anyone tried to get upstairs or otherwise further into the building to the actual offices of Bloomfield Office Properties.

After Occupy DC returned to the streets, a rumor started that the Park Police, who had been present earlier in unusual but not especially high numbers,were raiding McPherson Square. This turned out to be false, with no problems at the campsite at all.

Protesters marched past McPherson,and shortly thereafter a police motorcycle struck one of the protesters. Unlike the car striking a protester at the Convention Center on November 4, there did not appear to be any injuries this time, so protesters moved on after helping him up and settling this matter.

Occupy DC then continued to their next target along a route that suggested the target was the back entrance to the US Chamber of Commerce. This was NOT the target, instead the US Conference of Mayors was hit. This building was locked, either because attack was expected or because marchers may have simply arrived after they locked up for the night.

Occupy DC speakers in a “mike check” reported a conference call by 18 mayors to coordinate this week’s nationwide attacks on Occupy camps, MSNBC reports only 11 mayors participating-with the mayors denying it was to coordinate a wave of attacks. Personally, after the lies of Williams, Fenty, and Gray on so many issues, I am not inclined to believe the US Conference of Mayor’s claim that the call was just a “therapy session.”

The Mayor of Oakland has now admitted there was a conference call with 18 mayors just before the series of raids

After the US Conference of Mayors, Occupy DC marched on the White House. The Washington Post reports 37% of respondents supporting Occupy, more than enough to decide an election. Stopping the US Conference of Mayors could prove to be just as important to the President’s re-election chances as sinking the Keystone XL pipeline, as Occupy voters make this a “gut check” issue.

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