Occupy DC, laborers block all entrances of old Convention Center site

On the 8th of November, Occupy DC joined forces with LiUNA, the Laborers’ International Union of North America, to punish union-busting Clark Construction for their refusal to hire DC’s African-American construction workers. All entrances to the old Convention Center site, a Clark Construction site, were blocked,the same tactics used at the Friday, Nov 4 blockade at the current Convention Center.

Video from the blockade of the old Convention Center site-and of aggressive police tactics to deny Occupy DC the streets

This was in spite of aggressive police tactics aimed at denying Occupy DC control of the streets, using horses and motorcycles as well as cars. All that policing made little differnce at the target, as not even Clark wanted to drive big Peterbilt trucks over protesters and the cops did attempt to force their way through either.

At least one heavy truck had to park for the duration of the protest on 9th st, and other trucks with drivers inside were visible on the other side of the NY Ave gate, with adjoins their main parking lot. For the holder of a hard to get commercial drivers licence (CDL), trying to pass through protest lines would be a completely unacceptable risk, with the least serious consequence of an “incident” being a drug test at an unexpected time.

Since drug tests are notorious for false positive, almost nobody can really count on passing a surprise drug test unless they have used no prescription drugs and no over-the-counter drugs for the previous week without checking their ingredients list for known false positives on these drug tests. Even poppy seed hamburger buns can and do cause false positive drug tests for heroin. This is enough to make any commerical truck driver very unlikely to risk attacking protesters and creating possible problems for keeping that CDL. Therefore, protest blockades are highly effective at stopping heavy trucks, and probably a lot safer than blocking cars.

There were no violent incidents despite the cops showing up with horses and motorcycles, in at least one case with a club drawn. In fact there were no attempts by Clark to get anything or anyone into or out of the site for the entire duration of the protest!

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